How do I choose fonts for my business?

Mar 2, 2022 | Brand Identity

How do I choose fonts for my business?

Searching for the right fonts for your business can lead you down a complete rabbit hole. If you have never had to look for fonts before, it can be really confusing with knowing where to start. There are thousands of fonts out there for you to choose from, but how do you figure out which ones are right for you?

The different types of fonts

There are four main types of fonts that you will come across during your search. Most of the time, many fonts are just variations of these four types. These four font types are:

  1. Serif
  2. Sans serif
  3. Script
  4. Display

Serif fonts

Serif fonts are the oldest types of fonts, dating back to Roman times. Because of their origin, serif fonts are mistaken as being old and traditional, but that is most definitely not the case! They are still a very popular font type and you can identity serif fonts by their ‘feet’. Professional businesses such as law practices and insurance companies would be examples of companies where serif fonts would be a good choice.

This brand uses an example of serif fonts.

Sans serif fonts

Sans serif fonts are more simplistic than serif fonts. They lack the ‘feet’ and are seen as having more of a minimalist and modern font style. They look cleaner and are easier to read, making them a popular font choice amongst businesses. A business would choose a sans serif fonts if they want their tone of voice and messaging to be youthful and relatable. For example, tech companies and design agencies.

This brand uses an example of sans serif fonts.

Script fonts

Script fonts are designed to resemble handwriting, giving them a fussier but prettier look and feel. Script fonts tend to be used as accent fonts, as the curls and flourishes make them too hard to read as body text. Many beauty businesses use script fonts in their branding due to the elegant nature of this style.

This brand uses an example of script fonts.

Display fonts

Display fonts, also known as decorative fonts, are the most diverse group of fonts. The fonts under this description often look entirely different from each other, making them look as though they don’t belong to the same group. There are highly decorative ones, cartoon, minimalist, outline and typewriter styles, just to name a few. Display fonts would only be used as heading text, due to the unusual nature of the style.

This brand uses an example of display fonts.

Where can I find fonts?

There are many font websites out there that contain a whole variety of choices, however my go to sites are:

There are 100% free fonts to choose from and paid for fonts. The higher the price of the font, the less likely it is that many businesses are using it. This means that your font choice may be more unique and give you an edge on your branding. You must always make sure that you purchase the correct license for a font, depending on how you intend to use it. Most websites will have a page explaining the license options, so be sure to read through these thoroughly before purchasing.

Do you need help picking a font library for your business?

I would always recommend that clients have a minimum of 2 fonts that they use within the business. This helps with consistency across the brand and doesn’t make your stationery and social media look too ‘busy’. If you need a helping hand, book in for a free coffee chat today to discuss your upcoming branding project.