Is brand identity a worthwhile investment?

Feb 1, 2022 | Brand Identity

For a business owner that is just starting up, it’s sometimes hard to figure out what to spend your money on at the very beginning, and what can wait until further down the line. If you haven’t had to have your brand identity designed before, it can definitely be confusing and a little bit of a rabbit hole.

What is classed as a brand identity?

Brand identity refers to the visual external aspects of a brand. This can include but is not limited to logos, fonts, colours, brand patterns, packaging, signage and so much more. Every business should have a unique brand identity to increase brand awareness and attract loyal customers. Starting with a logo is always the best place to start when it comes to your brand identity.

So, can I use an online logo maker?

Free logo makers can be amazing for business owners that are brand new and just need a placeholder graphic whilst they get everything else in order. There are hundreds of fonts and graphics available to make an eye-catching brand. However, as much as sites like this are quick and convenient, logos created on them should only be used as a short-term fix.

The whole idea of a great brand identity is that you want it to be unique to you and your business. If you are using free logo sites, how many people do you think have access to the same elements that you do?

It’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to make a unique logo when there could be millions of people using the same graphics, fonts and colours that you have used.

To add to the bad news, unfortunately many free logo maker sites often have T&Cs that do not enable you to copyright or trademark the logos you create. This means that if the business was to grow to the point of needing to make things legal, you would need to rebrand the business in order to copyright or trademark the logo. Not only is this a pain in the backside, but it can also impact the trust and relationships you have built up within your business.

You can find some stats on the importance of branding in one of my recent posts here.

Why would a brand identity created by a professional be more beneficial?

Outsourcing your brand identity to a professional means that you will get a brand identity that truly is unique to you. Most designers will not only create unique graphics, but spend hours looking into colour psychology (a blog for another day!), scrolling through fonts, researching competitors and looking into your target audience.

We want you to stand out amongst the competition and attract the clients you truly want to work with, which is why we pour the same amount of love and attention into your branding as we do into our own. Your branding is the face of your brand and plays a huge part in creating trust and attracting loyal customers, so we want to get it right!

Another benefit is the relationship you form. Most client / designer relationships continue way past the brand identity stage. Many designers have clients come back year after year for additional work, meaning you will always have a trusted designer on hand to help add those extra touches to your brand.

How do I choose a designer to work with?

Researching into different designers is a crucial part of the process. I always recommend that clients talk to at least 3 or 4 different designers, before committing to one. You need to get a feel for who you truly get along with and whose style suits what you are looking for.

Designers also have a range of different price points, so spend some time before your research begins thinking about what you can realistically afford to spend on your branding. Don’t rule out a designer if they sound too expensive, as many offer payment plans to make it more affordable.

Most importantly, have fun with your brand identity!

Creating your branding should be a fun and exciting part of your business journey. It’s a time where you can put your creative thinking cap on and take a break from the more monotonous tasks that can be involved in setting up a business.

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